We’re here to introduce people to our unique vision of dining and invite them to embark on a culinary journey.
The menu has been carefully curated to showcase flavours of global cuisines, reflecting the depth of universal experience from the restaurant’s qualified staff.
Our wines are chosen for their terroir-driven nature, with a focus on small boutique producers. Great wines are born in the vineyard with soil, climate and surrounding landscape all contributing to express a sense of place.


Discover an array of dining adventures at ODÉ, where we blend à la carte delights with our tantalizing $89 per person chef's tasting menu.

Encouraging groups of 6 and above to dive into our chef's creations, we ensure everyone finds their culinary bliss.

Our tasting experience promises a culinary journey like no other.

Large group? Please consult our team for private dining experiences or exclusive events. ODÉ has something to thrill every taste bud. Join us for a joyous journey through flavour!